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"Thank you for recommending Zena from Helpers at Home care. She is charming, warm and so caring. She has been fantastic to work with and she certainly knows her business. Zena should be #1 on your list for recommending to other clients. She will guide anyone with ease.

My mom passed away on Friday night and the funeral will be on Tuesday with shiva to follow at my house. Thanks for your help and introducing me to Zena. I have a special friend now. She is the most incredible person. My mom and I formed a bond with Zena in such a short time. Some people never form a closeness like this in their lifetime. Zena is such a treasure."

--Meris First


"We just want you to know how much we aprreciate all the help and advice you have given us. Zena is wonderful and so is Alison. We couldnt be happier!"

--Caron Becker


"It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for your part in making my parents' last years on earth as comfortable as possible. Good luck to you."

--Kathleen Rutan


"Thank you to you and your staff for your professional compassionate care of our brother. It means so much and we will not forget the peace of mind you and the team gave to us."

--Dorothy Hinchcliff


"Again thank you so much for your compassionate care and support. We all know that Bea (our mom) was cared for with love and compassion throughout your time with her. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season"

--Ken and Deb


"Zena, you offered me a challenge! Your client in NJ… with family in CT … get them prepped and transported to NJ… Collaboratively WE did together! Throughout this process your drive and determination to support this co-located family was apparent. We took it a step forward to connect your client with resources in this area to tie up some loose ends. The family had well established connections in this town and (the town’s people) were glad to know they will be happy and together during the holidays. It was a pleasure working together and would not hesitate to do it again!"

--Laurie Foster, Director of Operations, BrightStar Care of Hartford


"I was trying to get an aide for my mother for years. Finally she agreed on 8/4/2017. I called Zena and the next day an aide came for an interview. The aide began that Monday. Zena worked with me with the Long Term Care Insurance company so that billing was direct to them. My mother was a very difficult, demanding, stubborn person who could be very nasty on any given day. She smoked two packs of cigarettes daily. The aides Zena provided were compassionate and as helpful as could be. I live 1200 miles away, but trusted the care that was provided. Zena was immediately responsive to any issues, or concerns that arose. Mom began with a 3 half day a week aide. It increased to 4 half days, then finally 7 days a week before she passed in December 2018. She made things difficult for everyone, often cursing at the aides, or sending them to the store so she could be alone. Zena provided daily flexibility when Dr. appointments required an aide on a non scheduled day, or required more hours. Zena provided invaluable advice and was a good listener because I had never encountered this situation before.

I highly recommend Zena and her agency. The gift of long life is often accompanied by failure of many parts of the body, most notably, the brain. At times a son can feel extremely lonely in an effort to provide his mother with quality care toward the end of her life. The aides at Helpers certainly made my situation more manageable and Zena is an angel."

--Steve Throne


"Zena, the owner of Helper’s At Homecare is extremely committed to her clients. She is always available and often picks up on the first ring of the telephone. She has told me that her business is “who she is” and this is 100% true. It is inevitable our parents will at some point need the services Helper’s At Homecare provides. When that time comes I strongly recommend that you contact Zena for the most professional, compassionate care you can imagine."

--Jay Levin